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China POF Industry Alliance established

Author: Date:2016/5/6 12:07:30
 September 30th, 2011, China Plastic Optical Fiber Industry Alliance(China POF Industry Alliance) for the first time exhibited in the 2011 China International Telecommunications Exhibition to display China Plastic Optical Fiber chain and technological advantages.
The history of Plastic Optical Fiber is two years earlier than quartz fiber, which has wide applications in the industries such as automotive, lightings. In recent years, FTTH has been deployed in a large-scale worldwide. In this process, optical fiber entering into the home faced particularly prominent problems such as construction difficulties, hard to operate home wiring, how to efficiently install optical fiber into home becomes the most studied topics in the industry. Plastic optical fiber with its high transmission rate, big core diameter, easy operation, anti-bending, strong mechanical properties and other characteristics can effectively solve these problems. 100 meters, 100 MB, easy operation Plastic Optical Fiber in FTTH has its greatest advantage.
Industry sources says Plastic Optical Fiber in the field of communications has increasingly wide range of applications, the China's FTTH large-scale applications and the construction of three network integration provides a great opportunity for more Plastic Optical Fiber industry development. In the information transmission cable, as the replacement of Copper wire and upgrading strategy process, it is key technology to solve the" last mile "problem, which is an important new economic growth point.
In this Exhibition, China Plastic Optical Fiber Industry Alliance joint with Zhongke Haitong Technology, Bones Electronics Co., Ltd (, Zhejiang Fieer Kong, and other enterprises collectively show a complete China Plastic Optical fiber industry chain, a strong technological advantage and the advantage of Plastic Optical Fiber truly entering into home.

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