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New Industrial Fiber(POF) Solutions for Train & Transportation

Author:Alek Indra Date:2012/10/25 23:10:39
This new whitepaper titled: "Industrial Fiber Optics in Train Transportation Systems," is an easy, fast, “must read” for every rail and train control designer, engineer, contractor and technician.
Applications and Topics Included:
  1.) Fiber in Train MVB Communication Systems
  2.) Distances and Speed with lower cost POF Fiber 
  3.) Distances and Speed with high speed HSC and MM Fiber
  4.) Frequency Converters for Electric Grid Powered Trains
  5.) Traction Power and Grid Power Quality
  6.) Comparison Tables – Block Diagrams - Illustrations

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You can also CLICK HERE to download this file, of which the copyright belong to Mr. Alek Indra in Avago Technologies.

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