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New Products--Optical Toslink Cable launching

Author: Date:2013/4/18 11:01:52
 Recently, we have our new products-optical toslink audio cable launching. 


Also known as Optical Toslink Cable, plastic optical fiber(POF) cables are commonly used to provide digital 5.1 or 7.1 home theater surround from DVD and CD players. Plastic Optical Fiber(POF) cable delivers digital audio through pulses of light and is thus immune to RF interference and electrical noise. However, plastic optical fiber(POF) cables can be subject to timing inaccuracies (knows as jitter) if the fiber optic terminations aren't precisely polished. 

Our Optical Toslink Cable is Gold Plated for optimized connectivity, longevity and signal strength. The Fiber-Optic tip is precision-polished for maximum signal transfer. Use our premium Optical Toslink Cable to transfer 100% Digital Optical Audio from Dolby Digital Receivers, Digital Signal Processors, DivX Players, DVD players, CD players, DSS receivers, Sony Playstation 2 & 3, XBox etc.



· Premium construction using aluminum end casings and durable cable stress relief points.

· Includes two Mini-TOSLINK adapters for compatibility with all Mac computers..

· Supports uncompressed audio using fiber optical light signals for the cleanest audio uncorrupted by outside interference.

· Gold-plated tips prevents corrosion and offers maximum tip protection.

· Supports digital audio outputs and inputs on a variety of devices: Apple Airport Express, AV receivers, signal processors, PS3, XBox360, Blu-ray, HDTVs, etc..

· Including Moshi's proprietary HandyStrap™ cable management system




· Dolby Digital Receivers, 

· Digital Signal Processors, 

· DivX Players, 

· DVD and C players, 

· DSS receivers, 

· Sony Playstation 2 & 3, 

· XBox

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