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Increasing automobiles, increasing use of plastic optical fiber

Author: Date:2013/2/21 14:08:30
POF has been used in automotive networking systems for application of Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) since 1998 after successful introduction by Mercedes Benz.. Today, car makers and component suppliers are cooperating with each other to enable the application of the POF-MOST.

Media Oriented Systems Transport, abbreviated as MOST, is a reliable and robust network protocol for an optimized multimedia of entertainment and information. 

The MOST standard is based on a partnership of carmakers, system architects, and key component suppliers that together define and adopt a common multimedia network protocol and application object model. It is constructed by the MOST Cooperation, which specifies POF as the physical data transmission medium based on its light weight, mechanical flexibility and strength, high bandwidth, electromagnetic interference (EMI)-free operation, and easy connection features. 

Today, six international car makers and more than 60 key component suppliers have cooperated together to enable the adoption of the MOST standard in more than 115 vehicle models. As time pass by, cars with the latest generation MOST150 protocol technology are on the road in 2013.

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