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Head Unit Replacement

Head Unit Replacement
Product name:Head Unit Replacement
The BEC_HUR is a M.O.S.T. fiber optic head unit replacement module for select BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover vehicles equipped with a factory fiber optic amplifier. The unit allows the factory radio to be replaced with an aftermarket radio while retaining the factory amplifier, speakers and sound quality of the original system. The BEC_HUR eliminates the need for expensive aftermarket speakers, amplifiers and labor fees for rewiring the vehicle. It is the fastest and easiest way to upgrade sound quality and features without performing “major surgery” to the vehicle.
NOTE:  Other components in the factory system, such as a CD changer, satellite radio, telephone module, DVD player, or any other factory component in the M.O.S.T loop, will not function after the installation.

Head Unit Replacement Mercedes (BPHUR)       
This product is compatible for –            
BENZ: ML /GL /R (2005-2012)  
Porsche: Cayenne( 2005–2011)   Cayman977/911 (2005–2011)  Boxster(2005-2011)

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