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MOST Fiber Optic Extension Cable

MOST Fiber Optic Extension Cable MOST Fiber Optic Extension Cable MOST Fiber Optic Extension Cable
Product name:MOST Fiber Optic Extension Cable
Item:TE AMP 1-1355426-1

M.O.S.T fiber optic extension cable assembly for Audi,Mercedes,BMW,Porsche

MOST – Media Oriented Systems Transport – is the de-facto standard for multimedia and infotainment networking in the automotive industry. The technology was designed from the ground up to provide an efficient and cost-effective fabric to transmit audio, video, data and control information between any devices attached even to the harsh environment of an automobile. Its synchronous nature allows for simple devices to be able to provide content and others to render that content with the minimum of hardware. At the same time it provides unique quality of service for transmission of audio and video services. Although its roots are in the automotive industry, MOST can be used for applications in other areas such as other transportation applications, A/V networking, security and industrial applications.

2000mm long M.O.S.T fiber optic POF Polymer (or Plastic) Optical Fiber extension cable with brass ferrule ends suitable for use in automotive MOST fiber optic rings to control audio/visual equipment. Fiber Optic Extension cable in other length and ferrule/connector available: 250mm, 500mm, 750mm, 1000mm, 1500mm and 4000mm, please contact us for your specified lengths.


• Digital radios

• GPS navigation system

• Active speakers

• CD changers

• Video displays

• Interactive security system

Why choose us:

Our high quality cables are manufactured to exacting standards under strict Quality Assurance procedures. One year warranty.

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