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OS8104 MOST network interface controller

OS8104 MOST network interface controller OS8104 MOST network interface controller
Product name:OS8104 MOST network interface controller
 OS8104 - BMW MOST network interface controller

Multimedia Network Protocol Chip


1. Low Cost Multimedia Network Solution

2. 24,5 Mb/sec MOST Network Interface Chip

3. Programmable bandwidth for up to

4. 11 Mbps Packet Data, or up to

5. 60 channels of Stream Data

6. Over 2900 control messages per second

On-chip network management:


·         Automatic stream data allocation


·         Network activity and data valid detection


·         Node position  and delay sensing, alive check and power management



Flexible consumer electronics interface:


·         Parallel, I2 C and SPI control interface


·         I2 S and various other serial stream I/O


·         S/P DIF – IEC 958 digital interface, FIFO buffered parallel stream data interface




The OS8104 is a highly integrated C-MOS Network Interface Controller with full featured interface to the 24.5 Mbit/sec MOST optical network system.

All relevant network management including source data allocation, physical layer interface, synchronization and network detection is on chip. Its ultra low jitter PLL guarantees high quality audio and video transmission and clock recovery over a wide frequency range. Coding is optimized for Plastic Optical Fiber. 

The OS8104 works at ultralow bit error rate and supports real-time synchronous networking at ultra low cost and high data rate compromising up to 15 stereo CD channels at the same time. In addition to the control channel some of the available bandwidth can be allocated to Asynchronous Packet Data Transfer.

Programmable serial and parallel real-time data interfaces with different clock and data modes support various consumer electronic devices such as Codecs, Converters and DSPs.


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