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TE AMP 1-1355795-1

TE AMP 1-1355795-1 TE AMP 1-1355795-1
Product name:TE AMP 1-1355795-1
Item:TE AMP 1-1355795-1

TE AMP 1-1355795-1

  • Accessory Type  Cover Assembly

  • Cable Exit Angle  180° (In-Line)

  • Strain Relief  Without

  • Color  Black

  • Material  PBT

    MOST auto standard association was established by BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Harman/Becker and OASIS Silicon Systems in 1998. MOST(Media Oriented System Transport), using POF as transmission medium, has been widely used in automotive infotainment systems, because of its advantages like high-bandwidth, anti-vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference, less using quantity than traditional copper wire and easy to use. MOST25 was firstly used in BMW 7 Series in 2001, and now MOST technology has been applied in 94 models. 

    We have various Plastic Optical Fiber Cables for Auto Multi-media, Industrial Control, Data Communication etc...Products include TE1-1355426-1, TE1-1355752, TE1-1355531-1, TE1-1355532-1, MOST-1355868,TE-1355795-1 etc... 

    Custom cables/patch cords are acceptable. Pls contact us for more.

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