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TOSLINK to 3.5mm Digital Optical Adaptor

TOSLINK to 3.5mm Digital Optical Adaptor
Product name:TOSLINK to 3.5mm Digital Optical Adaptor
 If you already own a standard size (both ends) Toslink cable then the 3.5mm Toslink adaptor is the perfect solution. The adapter allows for a step-down from the standard Toslink connector purchase to the 3.5mm size found on many laptop computers today.

This TOSLINK to 3.5mm Digital Optical Adaptor (or TOSLINK to Mini-TOSLINK if you want to be informal) is just the ticket for joining two fibre optic leads together or simply converting your plugs up or down to fit directly into various components. That's right; it transmits high quality digital audio signals in both directions! Maybe there is a little bit of magic in there after all!

Special Features:

  • 3 Years Cable Chick Warranty!
  • Small in size, big on quality
  • Join fibre optic leads easily
  • Female TOSLINK to male 3.5mm Optical adaptor
  • Also known as TOSLINK to mini-TOSLINK
  • Colour: Black
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