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Toshiba Optical Fiber Cable Assembly

Toshiba Optical Fiber Cable Assembly
Product name:Toshiba Optical Fiber Cable Assembly
Item:TOCP 100
Toshiba TOCP 100 Plastic Fiber Optic Cable assembly supplied by China plastic optical fiber cable assembly manufacturer and supplier. This is an optical fiber type TOCP100 with 2 connectors TOCP100; The length of this cable is 20 meters. This optical fiber TOCP 100 is used with NUM CNC series 1000 or other CNC equipment. This TOSHIBA TOCP100 (20 meters, TOSHIBA TOCP100-20MB) is ready to replace your defective or broken TOCP installed on your CNC Machine. Customized length available on request.

Toshiba TOCP 100 Plastic Fiber Optic Cable assembly features: 

–Anti-electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation

–Good flexibility, anti-vibration, ensure that in any case zero bit error rate of transmission

–High temperature and low temperature(-40 to 70)

–Easy to install, needless of maintenance

–Plastic optical fiber is not conductive, can share the power transmission pipeline

–Long-range power supply

–Accord with the Toshiba universal

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