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fiber optic lighting--end fittings

fiber optic lighting--end fittings
Product name:fiber optic lighting--end fittings
Item:H-10* series

Fiber Optic End Fittings

Our range of paver end fittings combine classic styling with modern functionality, which is for decorative and
functional applications.

End fittings may or may not be necessary depending on your application. Some types serve the function of focussing and/or directing the light, while others give a purely decorative finish to the ends of the fibre.

Generally those with flat lenses do not alter the angle of the light cone, while those with domed lenses are focusable.

Fiber Optic end fittings are available in many decorative finishes, and for larger quantities some can be supplied with a custom finish.

Like all our end fittings, no electricity or heat is output from the fitting, so they are safe for use in wet or humid areas and specific models are suitable for use in high-traffic walkover areas. 


fiber optic end fittings

Sample applications include:

  • Marker lighting for pathways and entrances.
  • Wall washing, inside or out.
  • Uplighting columns and archways.
  • Mood lighting in any room, including wet rooms and pool areas.
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